Dear TD Bank – Kids Don’t Dig Regis and Kelly

So, in some completely brain-dead attempt to attract a younger crowd to place their money with TD Bank they have taken their perfectly suitable TV ad featuring  current spokespeople Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa and repurposed it into a badly “animated” video for YouTube.

A few questions for TD Bank and their ad agency:

1) Who the hell thought 20-somethings would be excited to see a video starring an old man and a MILF doing something other than having sex?

2) Who advised TD Bank to put this lame video up on YouTube?  Not only has it got less than 500 views but it makes the bank look completely out of touch – the last thing they are trying to communicate to a young, web-savvy crowd.

3) Finally, if you want to convince young people to use your bank why not actually tell them the benefits instead of creating worthless song-and-dance?

Kelly Ripa?  Kelly Ripa

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One response to “Dear TD Bank – Kids Don’t Dig Regis and Kelly

  1. Mark

    It’s going to be okay. Take a deep breath. You okay?
    Good. I’ll continue.

    A few things for you to please consider:

    1) This is not aimed at 20-somethings. That was a misquote. This is aimed at the folks who already bank at Commerce to assure them that even though the name of the bank is changing, the same folks and culture will remain intact.
    2) These folks like Regis and Kelly. Sorry that you do not. In fact, their show has one of the largest, most loyal followings in tv history. We’re talking millions.
    3) Youtube is not for just the young. The fastest growing segment on the web is women 35+. They are social networking, gaming, you name it.
    4) The benefits of the bank are all over this piece of communication. Go back and look at it. We even have signs being held up.

    Again, you are most certainly entitled to your opinion, but I thought you should at least have some of the facts.

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