Mark Defends TD Bank Regis n’ Kelly YouTube Puppetshow – I Respond

Live with Regis and Kelly

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I received a very thorough response to my thoughts on the TD Bank YouTube commercial featuring an animated Regis & Kelly.

I am not 100% sure, but I sure feels like the comment is from someone very connected to the spot.

Still, I gotta respond… His comments are in BOLD.

It’s going to be okay. Take a deep breath. You okay?
Good. I’ll continue.

I appreciate your concern for my well-being but it somehow feels inauthentic.

A few things for you to please consider:


1) This is not aimed at 20-somethings. That was a misquote. This is aimed at the folks who already bank at Commerce to assure them that even though the name of the bank is changing, the same folks and culture will remain intact.

The TV spot, featuring the living and breathing Regis and Kelly, seems completely appropriate as a way to inform and calm current Commerce customers.  A wacky Flash-animation puppetshow version posted to YouTube is a completely different beast.

If that spot was truly intended to inform and reassure older existing customers than the creative team has failed even more so than if they had simply missed the mark targeting the younger demo.

2) These folks like Regis and Kelly. Sorry that you do not. In fact, their show has one of the largest, most loyal followings in tv history. We’re talking millions.

Not arguing that fact just the idea that they make a good pair for targeting Gen-Y. I know, you said this wasn’t meant for them but I call bullshit on that.

The fact is that as of this writing, less than 500 (I’m being generous) people have watched this spot – so whoever loves Regis and Kelly aren’t following them to this YouTube spot.

3) Youtube is not for just the young. The fastest growing segment on the web is women 35+. They are social networking, gaming, you name it.

Again, good point and well made.  However, this spot does not target the rapidly growing 35+ female audience YouTube now garners.  If you think it does you have an unusual perspective on what women want.
4) The benefits of the bank are all over this piece of communication. Go back and look at it. We even have signs being held up.

Sorry, I will honestly try and watch it again but it’s pretty grating.  I did, however, watch it once all the way through and today I can’t remember one salient fact about TD Bank’s superiority to other banking options.

Again, you are most certainly entitled to your opinion, but I thought you should at least have some of the facts.

Thanks.  Not sure those were all facts, but I totally appreciate the interaction.  New Media is a tough game and I appreciate everyone who comes out and plays.

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