Pirates Fire Warning Shot Over Amazon’s Bows

I am just tickled pink by this Firefox add-on that gives you a “free” option while shopping at Amazon:

“The timing of the ‘Pirates of the Amazon‘ launch could not have been more (un)fortunate. At the busiest time of the year for on- and offline retailers, this Firefox browser add-on offers users a download link to pirated copies of products that can normally be found in the Amazon online store.” (via)

In other words, if you look up “Pirates of the Caribbean” this is what you see:

amazon-piratesClicking on “Download for Free” takes you to The Pirate Bay, a Swedish BitTorrent site, where you can, should you wish to take the legal risk, in fact download a copy of the movie for free.

What does this really all mean?  Well, it certainly isn’t a legitimate threat to Amazon’s bottomline – yet.  It is, however, a warning to all producers of things that can be freely copied and distributed that they had better make sure the paid version is worth the price.

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