Movie Industry Continues Idiotic On-Going No-Win War on Digital On-Demand

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In their latest attempt to hold onto their self-proclaimed crumbling empire, the major movie studios are forcing(?) NetFlix and iTunes to remove films from “watch-now” libraries when those same films reach their network TV release window.

This is absurd on so many levels, not the least of which is best put by CNet:

“Normally, release windows don’t affect retailers or video-rental services after they’ve begun selling or renting films. Warner Bros. doesn’t go into Best Buy and pull DVDs off the shelf when Comcast airs Casablanca. The corner Mom and Pop video store doesn’t surrender copies of Gladiator to Universal Studios when the film appears on ABC. But Internet stores are being treated differently. What this means for iTunes and Netflix customers is that movies will pop in and out of the services.” (via)

Not only does this not make sense, but there is no way that having the films available online is going to stop someone dumb enough to watch the edited, commericialed movie on netw0rk TV when they can just rent it – or easily find it on a BitTorrent site.

At the end of the day, this is the major studios once again doing everything in their power to make it a pain in the ass the watch the movies they make.

And they wonder why the pirates do so well.  Here’s a hint: they meet the needs of their customers.

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3 responses to “Movie Industry Continues Idiotic On-Going No-Win War on Digital On-Demand

  1. People don’t even have to use bittorent anymore, there are plenty of sites that you can watch movies streaming online for free. comes to mind… Perhaps movie studios should start rethinking there business plan?

    • mymediamusings

      I think they should but they won’t do that until it’s too late. There is no legit plan that would let them maintain the sort of strangle hold they currently enjoy over consumers.

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