Shocking Report: 80 Percent of Teens Don’t Text Naked Pictures to Each Other!

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If there’s one thing that news outlets and bloggers love, it’s any sort of news that let’s them post something about teens and sex.  It’s the ultimate link-bait.  We all like to act all horrified and shake our collective heads over any sort of teen sex news even though nobody can seem to get enough of it.

The past week or so hase seen the widespread use of the term “sexting” – the act of sending a naked or suggestive picture to someone else via text message – and it seems that, according to some study I don’t feel like hunting down at the moment, that teens are “sexting” each other at “an alarming rate!”

Seems that as many as 20% of teens have sexted someone else.  Oh, the horror!  Even worse, some of these teens are being tried as sexual deviants and face up to twenty years being listed as a sexual offender for their society-destroying crime.

Of course, nobody is writing about the fact that 80% of teens are NOT sexting anyone.  Yeah, that’s right, the vast majority of teens get that doing something like that could easily get out of hand and result in their naked picture showing up on a website their teacher can visit late at night.

The truth is that nobody is interested in this story except for the fact that they can read it and think about all the naked teen pictures floating around out there – nobody wants to have a frank discussion about teen sexuality, or safe-sex or even confront their own conflicting desires around the topic.

Instead, we are going to condemn a small number of teens doing exactly the sort of things teens have always done, and we will absolutely succeed in destroying a few of their lives for no good reason whatsoever.

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