Bill Cosby, Himself, Threatens His Biggest Fans

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Again and again, I am simply amazed by the short-sightedness of celebrities and those that advise them.

While there are plenty of people that might enjoy your work it is only the super-fan who will take the time to remix it or re-edit it or actually re-imagine how your work might live on in other mediums altogether.  Instead of rewarding these super-fans, time after time these people are threatened with lawsuits and considered no better than criminals.

I saw a recent example of this thanks to  A wonderful animated series called “House of Cosbys” was created back in 2005.  The plot:

The world’s greatest Cosby fan, Mitch, has spent 10 years developing a cloning machine. He uses one of Bill’s hairs and starts cloning Cosbys. Now, everyone knows the more you clone the worse they get (see Michael Keaton in Multiplicity). The Cosby clones are no exception. The machine produces many quirky Cosbys including Curiosity Cosby, Bathtub Cosby, Dancing Cosby, Butt Naked Cosby and many more. My personal favorite: Useless Cosby. (via)

While this may or may not be your cup of tea there is no denying that it brings the aging and not-so-current Bill Cosby to a new generation of potential fans and demonstrates a great affection for Bill Cosby, Himself.

How has Bill Cosby responded to this outpouring of love and support.  With a “Cease and Desist” letter forcing all production and distribution to stop immediately.

Nice work, Bill.  You schmuck.

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