ManiaTV Takes a Shot at Being a Music Label

PaidContent has a bit of information about ManiaTV‘s latest venture, an attempt to reinvent what it means to be a music label:

it’s jumping into the music business with a new show called Making the Music, which effectively seeks to take over the role long played by the music labels. The original series is focused on hip-hop producer Scoop Deville as he works on a new album—and maniaTV will get a cut of the revenues once the LP is released.

The idea is that Scoop et. al. will be able to use the social media aspects of show as a way to test-market and hone their final product.  Of course, this only works if people tune in and get involved.

I am always interested in new takes on music production and promotion and this is certainly an intriguing idea.  One does have to wonder, with LP sales decreasing pretty steadily, if getting a cut of the record sales is really worth all that much.  Maybe they are cut into the other potential revenue streams such as licensing, touring and merchandising?


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