Songsmith Ad Secures Microsoft a Spot in Hall of Lame

Sure, it’s easy to pick on Microsoft, what with Apple making all those clever “I’m a Mac” ads (not to mention all those clever products).  Still, it is hard to cut them much slack when you see something as monumentally lame as this long-form ad for their new DIY song-making software, Songsmith:

The saddest part is that the software is at least marginally cool.  It certainly doesn’t replace authentic songwriting but it could be fun in a RockBand / Guitar Hero sort of way.

It’s hard to decide what is most surprising – that some company would actually pitch this as a way to sell Songsmith or that Microsoft execs allowed the video to be distributed once they saw the final results.

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3 responses to “Songsmith Ad Secures Microsoft a Spot in Hall of Lame

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