Facebook Suspends Whopper Sacrifice after 250,000 De-Friended

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Looks like a whole lot of people think a Whopper is worth more than 10 friends.  Since Burger King introduced the Whopper Sacrifice application on Facebook, which gets you a coupon for a free whopper if you de-friend 10 people from your profile, almost 250,00 have found themselves dropped for a burger.

Now, Facebook has suspended the application.  They say it is temporary and due a violation of certain privacy terms but it seems to me that they just weren’t very pleased to have so many people de-friended.

This raises the more important question – if 25,000 people are willing to drop 10 friends for a burger what would it take for someone to drop Facebook altogether?  What if Ford offered you a car if you canceled your Facebook account completely?

On a side-note, “de-friended” is a pretty terrible Web 2.0 word…

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One response to “Facebook Suspends Whopper Sacrifice after 250,000 De-Friended

  1. Rebecca

    So, couldn’t you just get the coupon, cancel the app, and re-friend your friends? Or maybe a lot of people “friend” people who aren’t friends? Just thoughts.

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