Microsoft Soundsmith Remixes – The Next Next Big Thing?

As with most internet fads, better get in quick as it will probably be over by next week.  But until then we have an all-new meme-in-the-making with the help of Microsoft‘s new Songsmith software.

If you missed the priceless web-video about Songsmith, it basically takes any vocals you sing to it and then adds musical backing tracks in a variety of styles.

Now, (via Pitchfork) comes so downright genius “remixes” in which the lyric tracks of famous songs are loaded into Songsmith and the resulting backing tracks are, well, quite a departure from the original.  Of the ones posted on Pitchfork, my favorite had to be this new version of Wonderwall by Oasis:

Aside from being pretty funny, it demonstrates both the possibilities and limitations of a program like Soundsmith.  More importantly, it will be fascinating to see if these sorts of mashups become a true new internet meme or just a funny passing fancy.

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