Sarkozy Attempts to Bury French Teens in Dead Tree Media

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In case you haven’t heard, newspapers, at least in their hardcopy form, are not long for this world.  Aside from the inheirant costs of physically printing and distributing a newspaper there is that little thing called the internet where a growing number of people are now finding their news.

In response to this natural technological evolution, French President Sarkozy is instituting a plan to give free newspapers to all the country’s teenagers.  I think BoingBoing‘s Cory Doctorow said it best:

I wonder if he’ll also give out free bridle and tackle to instill “the habit of dressage.” How about stimulating the French press by giving all the kids free, uncensored broadband?

These sorts of programs do such a wonderful job of illuminating just how far out of touch many leaders are with their younger constituents.  It gives me a lot of hope to finally have a president who is, if not a native techie, is definitely a heavy user.  One cannot imagine Obama coming up with something this far off-base when it comes to his technology initiatives.

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