Gotta Get the Gist!

It isn’t often I get excited about a contact manager but everything I read about Gist makes me want it and want it bad!

According to the guys at JoshSpear:

Gist combines all your important information by combing through Outlook, Gmail, LInkedIn and Twitter to create a happy place where your data and relationships integrate in a logical order, making all the elements of your electronic life easier to manage. For instance, if you’ve been emailing with Josh, and he’s been tweeting, and then he appears in a news story, Gist aggregates all of that info and puts it at your fingertips.

Of course, I have tried other info-aggregators and ended up finding them to be more work than help so it will all come down to the user-interface and automation.

Come on, Gist, let me into the private beta…

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