Hi, I’m David Title. Welcome to MyMediaMusings.  I am currently the Director of New Media for Crossroads Films where I develop and produce original web content.  Always interested in opportunities to network and explore the dynamics of new media.I also teach seminars on the fast-changing world of web video creation and distribution.  


5 responses to “About

  1. Hi Dave,
    I wanted to find out if your “Starbuck” gils does Web ads/blogs for companies? I like her looks and we are working on a web ad, so an into/contact would be great if she is interested.


  2. Hey Dave,

    I’m enjoying your blog. Wondering if you’d like to talk shop sometime. Where are you based?


  3. Eric Alperin

    Great stuff Dave.

  4. Leila

    I just saw your freakin’ delicious Starbucks video and wanted to pass on my positive comments. I was amazed at all of the vitriol I saw in the comments. Perhaps the video hit closer to home for them than they would like to admit – even to themselves. I thought it was well done, and I admit with a smile that it hit a little close to home for me. Although I donate a lot of my time and money, I do like the occasional Starbucks treat (my poison is the iced green tea latte – with soy which, of course, costs extra).

  5. Dave, drop me a line, I’d love to chat web television with you sometime.

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