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Are All-You-Can-Eat Music Subscriptions the Future of Music Sales?

There is a compelling post by CNet’s Matt Asay exploring the various potential of future music business models.

So I think the “adoption tax” model is promising. The future is flat-rate: you subscribe, you forget about paying for individual transactions, you enjoy more music than you ever have before.

While I certainly see the appeal of this sort of approach I just canceled my cable TV service because the all-you-can-eat approach wasn’t worth the cost – and, of course, because of all of the alternative means to get that content.

Right now, the same is true for music.  There are so many free ways (both legal and piratey) to acquire music right now that the idea of adding a new monthly music bill to my accounting seems like a stretch.

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ManiaTV Takes a Shot at Being a Music Label

PaidContent has a bit of information about ManiaTV‘s latest venture, an attempt to reinvent what it means to be a music label:

it’s jumping into the music business with a new show called Making the Music, which effectively seeks to take over the role long played by the music labels. The original series is focused on hip-hop producer Scoop Deville as he works on a new album—and maniaTV will get a cut of the revenues once the LP is released.

The idea is that Scoop et. al. will be able to use the social media aspects of show as a way to test-market and hone their final product.  Of course, this only works if people tune in and get involved.

I am always interested in new takes on music production and promotion and this is certainly an intriguing idea.  One does have to wonder, with LP sales decreasing pretty steadily, if getting a cut of the record sales is really worth all that much.  Maybe they are cut into the other potential revenue streams such as licensing, touring and merchandising?

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YouTube PreRoll/PostRoll Ads Offer Also-Rans an Opportunity

The guitar video of Pachelbel's Canon is one o...

Lots of chatter this week about YouTube‘s flipflop on placing pre-roll and post-roll ads on some (or all) of their videos.  This is due, they say, to the fact that no other scheme has worked to allow them to cashify their massive market share and total eyeballs.

This could be an opportunity for some of the video-sharing sites competing to be the YouTube alternative to actually offer an alternative: ad-free viewing.

Then we would find out the following:

1. Will YouTube’s current viewers be bothered enough by the new ads to actively seek out alternatives.

2. Will the alternatives be able to offer the level of content and exposure provided via YouTube.

3. If a site succeeds in building a bigger market share by offering ad-free viewing how are they going to cashify.

I get excited anytime a big player makes a big move.  We all get to sit in the stands and see how it goes, devising our own schemes based on what goes down.

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When is a View not a View? When it’s on YouTube!

The ten digits of a Z560M Nixie Tube.

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggaration but one of the things that makes web video tough to cashify is figuring out just what to charge for.  What does getting 1,000,000 “views” on YouTube really mean.

A recent dust-up with some Avril Levigne supporters creating autoplay embeds on her video “Girlfriend” so that it would beat out “The Evolution of Dance” to become the so-called most popular video on YouTube.

According to NTV, this might have caused a change in policy over at YouTube:

“…we have reason to believe the site has stopped counting views from videos set to play automatically on pages around the web. We first took notice of the issue when popular producers contacted us saying they’d seen a dramatic drop-off in the number of views they receive for new videos. It’s possible that YouTube has adjusted more than one aspect of its view count methods, and it’s also possible that the view count methods are just malfunctioning. But enough people are mentioning the autoplay issue that we think there’s a good chance that’s the issue.”

While it’s a good step for YouTube to take I don’t think it is going to make much of a difference in the overall scheme of things.  There will still be plenty of people out there able to game the system and the actual value of a view will remain in the eye of the beholder.

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Amie Street Keeps On a-Rockin It Baby

لي ناظر(ن) ماغير شخصك يملّيه ~

Image by вαяσσк яε∂вυιι™~ via Flickr

One of my very first posts on this blog was an interview I did with the founders of Amie Street, an independent music distributor with a pricing model based on a track’s popularity.

According to ArsTech the guys have added indie label The Orchard and over 1 million new tunes.  Says The Orchard:

“The partnership is a significant validation of the consumer-empowering business model AmieStreet.com is pioneering,” The Orchard says in its press release. “On AmieStreet.com, songs are priced based on their demand, and customers receive money for more downloads when they recommend their favorite songs. By allowing consumers to drive the price of music, a song’s price becomes a measure of its popularity, enabling people to discover new music with more ease and convenience.”

Congrats guys!  Keep up the indie spirit.

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Bebo and Universal UK Team for Real Fiction Web Series

As brands and broadcasters continue to find ways to transmit both entertainment and an overwhelming desire to consume material goods and services to the viewing public, there is an ever-increasing presence of brand-intergration into original entertainment.

Not surprisingly, the web, where traditional advertising has never worked, is a laboratory for this sort of content.  Next up to the testing grounds is courtesy of jolly ol’ England…

“In a first between social network and music company, “The Secret World of Sam King” revolves around a junior ’facilities’ employee at Universal Music who secretly founds his own start-up label in the post room. Producers will draw on real-life experiences along with cameo appearances from Universal artists to bring additional authenticity to the setting and story.”

What’s worth noting is the complete transparency of the integration between brand and story.  Nobody is being tricked or deceived about where at least some of the money is coming from.  Whether or not the actual show will be entertaining is a whole different kettle of fish.

Did I just say “kettle of fish?”

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Is This the Future of News?

So I read over on Mashable that YouTube is launching a “reporters” channel.  According to YouTube’s very own blog (aw, they have a blog…not a vlog?)

“People around the world have been using YouTube to report on the events and issues affecting their lives, shedding light on stories that might otherwise not be told and offering new perspectives on events covered by the traditional media. Today, to highlight these journalists on YouTube, we’re announcing the launch of the Reporter channel type.”

So, with that in mind, I ask you, is this the future of news:

Man,  I sure hope so!

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