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Revisiting MyDamnChannel

So, MyDamnChannel had a little news a few weeks back with the launch of two new web-series, the soap-spoof “Horrible People” and the hiphop cooking show “Cooking with Coolio.”  I thought I’d head over to the site and see how things were going.

I gotta say, it doesn’t look like things are going all that well.  I know that they syndicate their programming so view-counts aren’t completely reliable but here’s what I found:

Horrible People #1 : 10,668 views

Horrible People #2: 10,576 views

Horrible People #3: 3,576 views

Yikes.  That’s terrible.  And the news for Coolio is even worse, with his most recent video barely making it to 3000 videos.

And what about the other shows on the site.  Well, Andy Milanakis doesn’t have a single video over 10,000 views even with his supposed MTV fame and even David Wain’s highly vaunted “Wainy Days” is only averaging 25,000 views an episode.

Interestingly, the one show that seems to be very successful is Harry Shearer’s “Found Objects”, featuring video of newsmakers just before they go on live.  These episodes are getting hundreds of thousands of views per post, sometimes into the millions.  Of course, this is the only show on MyDamnChannel not to feature any original content.  It’s really just outtakes and bloopers.

So, what do we take away from all of this.  One, it is not easy to get viewers for web series.  Two, if the webseries is mediocre or just plain bad you can simply forget about building a following (unless you feature girls in bikinis). And, three, there is no consensus yet as to what is required to make a series on the web viable.


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Girls Rule the Web, Part 2

So, I had an interesting comment regarding my Girls Rule the Web post in which the question is raised:

“So, my question is, and I don’t think the article answered it, while young women are making a heck of a lot of “noise” is the proportion of quality content from them greater than, less than or the same as what the larger population is putting out?”

As I was pondering this, I read the following on DownloadSquad:

“Maybe the real question, then, is not whether the blogging/coding/podcasting girls of today will grow up to become software engineers, but to what kinds of interesting and innovative uses they will apply their skills in their chosen field. We’ll just have to wait and see, but my sans crystal ball prediction is that we won’t be disappointed.”

Not sure I have answers to either question but I do think it is important to remember that we’re talking about kids expressing themselves to each other, not some business venture or marketing model.

Are their contributions to the web adding something to the “noise?”  Maybe not.  But is it really the job of teenage girls to provide quality content to the general public.  Unless you really dig reading diaries of a 12-year-old (in which case seek help) than most of what they create online won’t mean much to you.  It isn’t meant for you, either.

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Girls Rule the Web

The New York Times has a long and informative article challenging the common assumption that creating web-content is a male-driven world.

“Research shows that among the youngest Internet users, the primary creators of Web content (blogs, graphics, photographs, Web sites) are not misfits resembling the Lone Gunmen of “The X Files.” On the contrary, the cyberpioneers of the moment are digitally effusive teenage girls.”

Definitely recommend reading the whole article.


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Mom’s Dig the Web

Tilzy has a nice look at the Suave/Sprint co-sponsored website In The Motherhood:

“Web video, which was once relegated to merely uploading footage of Junior’s school play onto YouTube, is now a viable form of entertainment by moms, for moms. Maybe it sounds a little dippy, but, believe me In the MotherHood, which is a branded series sponsored Sprint and Suave (actually the line is “conceived by Suave and Sprint” – get it? – a pregnancy reference. Ha!), is a pretty smart concept. After all, who buys more stuff than mom? ”

Obviously, more companies are seeing value in creating compelling original web video for people over the age of 25.  It will be interesting to see if these endeavors continue to grow in terms of their scope and production value.  How long will it be before people are “tuning in” to sponsor-created content instead of turning on the TV?

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Branded Entertainment a Juggernaut

Article in AdAge looking at recent studies on the future of Branded Entertainment.  Since it is a reg. req. website here are some highlights:

“The branded-entertainment marketing sector is expected to continue seeing double-digit growth through to 2012 despite a slowing economy, according to PQ Media. By shifting their ad dollars to alternative channels, more marketers will seek to maximize their value in the face of faltering traditional media and elusive audiences.

Branded entertainment, which covers event sponsorship and marketing, paid product placements, and advergaming and webisodes, has seen spending nearly double since 2002 to an all-time high of $22.3 billion in 2007, making it one of the fastest growing segments of the $254 billion marketing services sector. Spending in the category is expected to reach $40 billion by 2012, according to PQ Media’s “Branded Entertainment Marketing Forecast: 2008-2012,” which was released Feb. 12.

“The overall trend is movement away from traditional advertising — that is to say in broadcast television, radio, etc. They are all experiencing low single-digit growth, and with things like the writers strike, brands have definitely been looking elsewhere,” says Patrick Quinn, president-CEO, PQ Media. “A lot of these alternative mediums are entertaining by nature, and therefore create powerful impressions on consumers. Brand recall on [them] has been much higher than the traditional 30-second spot. In the long run, they will come to play a more important role.”

But advergaming and webisodes remain at the forefront of marketing efforts to reach the 18 to 34-year-old demographic, and showed the largest growth in PQ Media’s survey: The segment grew 34.8% to $217 million in 2007. “Marketers are trying to reach a demographic that is digitally multitasking and exposed to more media than in the past,” Mr. Quinn said. “It’s also a demographic that consumes 48% of its media outside the home and on the go. A lot of heat and focus is here because of that.”

And the heat is on: PQ expects spending on webisodes in particular to increase by as much as 46% in 2008 as the major broadcast networks deploy full-length online episodes to tap into the youth market. Despite recessionary fears, PQ projects 2008 event sponsorship and marketing spending to reach $25.4 billion (up 13.9%), and product placement, especially with the influx of reality TV shows, to reach $3.5 billion (up nearly 25%).”

None of this is surprising, but it sure is encouraging for the areas I am currently seeking to grow for our company.

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Walking the Branded Content Thin Line – MTV, MySpace et. al.

Nice little piece on a site about the PSFK conference that looks at two pieces in BusinessWeek (here, here) exploring, first, MTV’s marketing plans in the new media world and then examining the backlash on MySpace and other social sites from users tired of being bombarded with ads or being drawn into what first appears to be some sort of useful or entertaining realm only to find themselves being suckered into an unwanted pitch or campaign.

As we move deeper and deeper into the world of Branded Content and have brands get more involved in directly financing and distributing original content, it will be interesting to see who various companies will navigate these tricky waters.  We’ve already seen what happens when advertisers try to trick or deceive their potential customers.  Instead, brands need to offer something truly useful and/or entertaining along with their band message, not tied up together into a messy knot.

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MyDamnChannel launches 3, um, shows?

Three new programs up at MyDamnChannel, all of which are reviewed (and can be previewed) on the excellent web content site, Tilzy

I won’t go into full review mode, but I was sad to see how much of it looked like weak parody instead actually trying to make something that substantially stood on its own merits.  Instead, they are launching a cooking show with a rapper, a nicely presented but totally unoriginal cartoon, and a mock soap opera.

This is not what will steal viewers away from their TV, even if it is all reality shows.

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