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Dear Honeyshed – Hate to Say I Told You So, But…

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Well, it’s official – Honeyshed, the QVC for Generation Why, is officially no more.  According to AdWeek the site is shuttering due to a lack of new funding from Publicis.

I was skepticle but willing to wait and see back in March but by November I was feeling even less positive about what was a pretty bad idea given poor execution.

From AdWeek:

At its relaunch in November, Honeyshed projected the site to reach 550,000 visitors a month after launch, 1 million by February and 2 million at the end of 2009.  All told, Honeyshed promised advertisers it would generate 9 million content views in that time.

According to comScore, Honeyshed drew 117,000 visitors in December before trailing off the next month. Griefer said the site drew about 15,000 unique visitors per day after the relaunch, supported by a heavy marketing campaign, but saw those numbers dwindle when it cut back on advertising.

I honestly don’t know who thought this was ever going to be a good idea but it became painfully clear it was doomed to fail when they decided to try and sell a bunch of over-priced and relatively unwanted products to a fickle and savvy audience.

So, farewell Honeyshed.  Few knew you were evert here and maybe that’s for the best.

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Apple Takes Another Step Toward Evil

picture-51I have been an Apple/Mac user since I upgraded from my Atari 800 back in the ’80’s,  I love the interface, the design and even the vague sense of superiority over my Windows brethren.

However, every now and then (and it feels like it is more and more often) Apple does something that is really a screw you to their faithful customers.

The lastest example is their incorporation of bullshit copyright “protection” built into the latest MacBooks:

“Buying an Apple computer? Get ready to throw away your monitor, over and over again. New Apple hardware is shipping with “HDCP” anti-copying technology that prevents showing some video on “non-compliant” monitors. Best part: the list of “compliant” monitors will change over time: the monitor you buy today can be “revoked” tomorrow and stop working.” (via BoingBoing)

Sweet, eh?  The worst part of this is that it is a completely bogus protection since there is nothing in copyright law that makes it illegal for me to watch a movie I bought on a screen other than my built-in monitor.  It’s just insane.

And it’s evil.


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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better… Vote Sprachel?!

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In some weird attempt to cash in on the political fervor sweeping the nation, the people shilling for I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER have created an elaborate website and animated webseries in an attempt to get consumers to come vote for Sprachel to be the President of the Refrigerator.

The site is full of all sorts of exciting, fake-spray-butter-related activities like a contest, games and, of course, the HIGH-STERICAL webseries “The Sprays of Our Lives,” set inside the political turmoil of a refridgerator where Sprachel is being hated on by items like Howard Bean.

Seriously, what idiot thought anything about this site would help increase sales for fake butter spray?  This is such a great example of a brand being wooed by the bells and whistles of “new media” marketing but forgot to keep their key customers in mind.

Maybe the site is cute, but I just can’t see anyone other than a child or a media blogger spending more than 8 seconds on this site.

Check it out for yourself here.

(via AdRants)

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TBS Doing What It Can to Spead TV’s Demise

Sure, DVR’s have made it tough on advertisers.  When everyone can just fast-forward through that 6-figure spot what’s a brand to do?

Well, TBS thinks it has an answer by one-upping those already annoying “pop-up” ads that litter the lower corners of the screen telling us about other network programming.

According to TVSquad:

“During an episode of Family Guy (video after the jump), Bill Engvall walks out on the screen, much like the Brenda spots for The Closer. The difference is that Bill holds up a remote and actually pauses the episode before heading into his pitch for his show. When he finishes, he unpauses the show, which runs for two more seconds before going to the regular commercial break.”

You can check it out for yourself:

At some point people will either turn completely to ad-free pirated content or TV shows will devolve into a hyperkinetic series of brief moments of original content surrounded by a constant stream of brand messages, animations and loud noises.


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The Simple Reason Discovery’s New Green Channel Will FAIL

The NYT has a long look at Discover Channel’s soon-to-be-launched cable network Planet Green.  According to Discovery:

“Discovery’s research, conducted last year, identified 40 percent to 50 percent of the United States population as “armchair environmentalists.” Mr. Carr calls the channel’s target audience “bright greens,” people who are motivated by the idea that they can help the planet.”

Well, that’s nice.  The thing is, nobody wants to watch “green” TV.

You know what the viewing public wants to watch?  They want to watch someone screaming at beautiful women holding briefcases while a formerly washed up, glossy-headed comedian stands by grinning like a loon.

Also, as I happen to work at a company that produces TV shows I can  tell you that every single network has told us, in no uncertain terms, that they do NOT want anymore environmental show pitches.  Why?  Because the ones they’ve put on the last two seasons have been ratings disappointments.

Sorry, America, the ratings don’t lie. You like screaming at briefcases.  So be it.

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Legos Learn a Lesson About Stealth Vids…FAIL

Over on BoingBoing, Xeni Jardin was all excited about a video on YouTube featuring what she thought was a great homemade remake of the famous Indiana Jones boulder scene but…

“Jacob Appelbaum was one of many folks who went to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and hated it. About this internet video, in which a giant Lego-covered styrofoam boulder hurls towards hapless victims, he says, “I was happy to see that someone else was as nostalgic as me.” UPDATE: oh nooooooes, we have been duped by a sneaky viral marketing campaign. I HATE YOU INTERNET MARKETERS. Take this conversation and shove it.”

Yes, Lego was trying their hand at the viral marketing game and it looks like they’ve been burned.  How did they get burned, you ask?  Well, it turns out that a lot of internet users have lots of free time to poke holes in any alibi:

“The YouTube account holder google’s to an “office food blog” which shows him in the background of BSSP. They have the LucasArts games account. They’re located on Liberty Way which I’ve worked in the same building and recognized it from the photos.”

Let that be a warning to all those marketers out there hoping to go stealth.  The real question is whether or not this revelation actually hurts the potential of this campaign.

Oh, here’s the video:

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The CW Wants to Make it All Harder

Swinger subject?

First, the CW tried to salvage their rating for Gossip Girl by not running the episodes on their website.  As far as I can tell, this was not successful.

Now, CW has a whole new plan to get people to not watch their channel or their website:

“As part of its upfront negotiations, the CW is offering advertisers a chance to attach commercials to a series of up to two-minute-long video clips that will tell a story around one of its teen stars. The catch: To see the entire tale, viewers must watch the first clip on TV, the next one online and then tune back in to TV to see the end.”

That’s a sweet idea – make it even more difficult for viewers to watch what one can only assume will be mediocre content at best.

Their have been rumblings that the CW’s days are numbered.  This ain’t gonna help.

(via AdAge)

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