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Fox News Tries to Bully Bloggers – We All Fight Back

Fair & Balanced graphic used in 2005

I have been following the story of Progress Illinois, a group that has posted a number of videos that criticize FoxNews and, under the well-accepted legal concept of fair-use, include clips of the FoxNews programs in question.

Via TechDirt:

The YouTube account had been taken down following multiple DMCA takedown notices from Fox, leading YouTube to institute its usual policy of shutting such accounts down. Progress Illinois sent a counternotice, and after Fox failed to sue the activist group, the account was turned back on. Paul Alan Levy points us to some more troubling details about the discussions between Progress Illinois and Fox. Apparently, Fox sought to have Progress Illinois waive its fair use rights on all future Fox material and demanded that it be allowed to run ads on the Progress Illinois site in exchange for allowing the content to be placed on YouTube. On top of this, Levy notes that Fox is apparently preparing a deal with another video site (that will include its desired ads), which Fox will apparently demand sites use in reporting on Fox News reports.

In support of Progress Illinois, embedded below is one of their videos including a FoxNews clip.  Hey Fox, why don’t you come after me, too? I’m just itching to counter-sue someone…

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MyDamnChannel Presents Agency of Record and I Have Some Questions

From the guys who brought us the best screencast webshow ever, “You Suck At Photoshop,” comes “Agency of Record,” a slick-looking new webseries over on MyDamnChannel and sponsored by Adobe.

Here’s episode one (it’s the only one so far…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A few questions:

1) Why is the first episode so long?  Over 9 minutes seems like a lot to ask for a webseries pilot.

2) Why so industry-insider? Unless you happen to have a lot of exposure to the world of ad agencies (sadly, I do) you might not even know what these guys do until well into the first episode and then you will be left wondering why you are supposed to care.  It reminds me of the great and short-lived Fox show “Action” with Jay Mohr – incredibly funny skewering of the Hollywood producers and agents but completely over the head of most Americans.

3) Why is there a 40-second opening credits?  Even real TV noticed people no longer have patience for things like that.  Get to the show. Fast.  Porn is just one click away.

The show has really nice production value and a positive attitude but I can’t see how the setting or the characters will help build the kind of audience needed to sustain an episodic webseries.

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We Get the TV We Deserve – Fox Mates Candid Camera with Cops

You're Under Arrest

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Sure, it’s fun to complain about the state of TV programming and especially the state of reality TV but the networks are only interested in producing shows people watch.

Since people seem to like to watch other people being tricked AND arrested, Fox is bringing us (via BB):

“Smile, You’re Under Arrest features people with outstanding warrants getting tricked for the audience’s amusement before being arrested.

Fox President of Alternative Entertainment Mike Darnell calls it “a reverse Punk’d. Instead of the worst day of your life and then a joke at the end, this is the reverse. This is the best day of your life, and then we arrest you.”

From the network that canceled Arrested Development… We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

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Hey look! Another web comedy site!

Via Tilzy, a great blog about original web video that everyone should put on their list, is a recap of what can be found at the latest, greatest, comedy web site, Independent Comedy Network.

I’m not going to bother giving my review of their current content – plenty of others have.  Instead, I think it is worth wondering if this is a real model for the future or is 2008 going to be the year we watch as SuperDeluxe, FunnyOrDie, MyDamnChannel,  60Frames, etc will either dry up or re-purpose themselves in some manner?

In many ways, these sites are no different than NBC or FOX, they just have a lot less money and lower overhead.  They still have to drive viewers to their content and hope they can sell those eyeballs to the advertisers.  How long before the content creators realize they can work DIRECTLY with the brands and cut out the network altogether.

Is the web going to be a world about specific sites, as it has tended to be so far, or will content finally, truly be king, and who distributes the content can become the simple middleman it is meant to be.

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