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Quick, Guess the Average Age of a Teen Vogue Reader

The general thinking I’ve always heard is that magazines like SEVENTEEN and TEEN VOGUE are read not by 17-year-olds but more by ‘tweens in the 11-15 range.  While it might be true that these mags have some readers in that realm, the truth is pretty surprising (via FolioMag):

“Despite repeated calls for the print magazine industry to capture younger readers, just 38 of the 255 studied by MRI can claim their readers’ median age to be within the coveted 18-to-34-year-old demographic. Teen Vogue (23.8), Cosmo Girl (24.1) and Seventeen (25.5), not surprisingly, have, on average, the youngest readers; Game Informer (26.1) and Xbox (27.3) round out the top five.”

That’s right, the median age for readers of Teen Girl Magazines is somewhere in the mid-20’s.  One thing this means for content creators is never assume you know who your audience is – you must do the research or risk missing the key demo you’ve actually targeted.


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Magazines Try Web Video…Fail.

AdAge (reg. req.) has some commentary on magazines attempts to incorporate web video on their sites.  I was shocked to learn that it seems they are doing a pretty poor job.

“…it dawned on me just how screwed most of these magazine companies really are. In their rush to cash in on web video, most seem to have convinced themselves that sloppily edited six-minute clips pass for must-see content. It’s as if the very act of creating something that moves and talks has blinded producers and editors to the dullness of their creations.”

Obviously, magazines are struggling and the web is an obvious place for them to grow and expand, but they are not going to get anywhere fast by producing low-quality, low-thought videos.

My favorite bad video from the article:

Playboy’s Ask Hef

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