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Ludacris and WeMix Let You Phone Your Way to Phame. Phat!

Actor Chris Ludacris Bridges arrives to Hollywood Life Magazine's 9th annual Young Hollywood Awards at the Music Box at the Fonda April 22, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Chris Ludacris Bridges

Ludacris and WeMix are teaming up to give budding musicians a new way to be heard:

“WeMix, the site he founded with former reality TV producer Matt Apfel, already accepts amateur recordings through a web-based upload tool. But on Tuesday, they announced that users will be able to call a number and enter a code to record directly onto the site from any phone, thanks to a partnership with In-Call Network Exchange provider VoodooVox. And this is no land grab — users keep the rights to their uploaded material.” (link)

And according to Mashable, they have a small cashification plan:

“The way the partnership keeps this service free is by placing a short advertisment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advertising at the beginning and end of each song or track. But I don’t think this will be any sort of reason for complaint for the artists, who will soon be able to easily make a name for themselves thanks to the service.”

Is this the future of music?

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Miro – In Case You Didn’t Know

One approach to web video is to create player applications that worked outside of your browser to either stream or download video content for viewing.  One of the most-publicized of these is Joost (though it is not looking like it’s going to live up to expectations), which uses streaming to deliver video.

Another application, the open-source and free Miro player takes a slightly different approach, allowing users to subscribe to videos which are downloaded and stored in the background for viewing anytime.

Mashable has a quick story on Miro’s offering a pre-packaged content bundles:

“We previously brought you word of Miro’s partnerships with various content producers in building video channels. Revision3 and TED are couple of brand names that have joined with Miro to deliver clips and shows to new viewers. Now Miro has put together a duo of collections: one having to do with the culinary arts and another targeted at those looking to consume Christian-toned material. Both are available at Miro’s website now.”

If you haven’t experienced Miro yet it is worth a download.

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AOL Thinks More is More

AOL has announced that it is going to launch a whole bunch of new “niche” sites in the coming year.  This is definitely a big trend right now but Mashable says:

“That’s quite an expectation for a company even of AOL’s size, and it appears to be a furthered effort of monetizing web content with the support of online advertising efforts. There haven’t been any more details released in regards to Wilson’s statement, but surely the niche market has regained a bit of its appeal with improved efforts for behavioral targeting and integrated social media. Who knows? This may even have some involvement with AOL’s open mobile platform.”

Many are not sure sure this is the right direction.  LostRemote points to some thoughts from VentureBeat:

“Meanwhile, VentureBeat has this to say about AOL’s strategy: “It’s hard to feel excited about a company that hopes to succeed simply by putting more of its product on the web rather than focusing on improving the sites they already have. It’s the old quantity versus quality argument.”

There are definitely arguments to be made on both sides but at the end of the day it feels to me that AOL is not going to be able to provide the sort of unique and compelling content that drives the sort of niche viewers they’re hoping to grab.

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Nine Inch Nails Gives it Away

Nine Inch Nails is following in the footsteps of a growing number of bands that have left the traditional world of labels and is self-distributing their own work.

In addition, they are offering fans the chance to download their basic album in for free, without any DRM.   As PaidContent points out, though, that’s just the beginning:

” — $5 download: All 36 tracks in a variety of digital formats, plus a 40-page PDF.
— $10 two-disc set: A double-disc set, packaged in a Digipak with a 16-page booklet, to be shipped on April 8. Includes immediate download of album.
— $75 deluxe edition: Ghosts I-IV in a “hardcover fabric slipcase containing two audio CDs, one data DVD with all tracks in multi-track format, and a Blu-Ray disc of Ghosts I-IV. Ships May 1. Includes immediate download of album.
— $300 “ultra-deluxe limited edition package”: Deluxe edition plus a four-LP set on 180-gram vinyl, which is packaged in a fabric slipcase. Two limited-edition Giclee prints are included; package is numbered and signed by Trent Reznor. Limited to a run of 2500, and one piece per customer. Ships May 1 and includes immediate download.”

This is definitely beginning to be a seriously interesting marketplace with so many bands exploring alternatives to traditional distribution and monetization methods.  It will be neat to see if they release reliable sales data so everyone can learn from their experiment.

As Mashable notes:

“Let me just stop here for a second and say that personally, I haven’t listened to NiN much since the Downward Spiral phase, but if there’s one album I’m gonna buy this year (I usually go to concerts and buy t-shirts, as I feel the band profits more directly from this; I have quite a collection), it’s going to be this one. Finally, you get good value for your money, and you get a fantastic number of options which cater to every pocket. I’m sure that fans will realize this and get the option they can afford, be it free, or the ultra-deluxe one.”

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Live, From Anywhere, It’s the Internet

Wow, this is my second post today about Livecasting.  Mashable has a look at extreme sports site GO211 and their live-streaming embeddable player that is currently showing live coverage of a snowboarding event in Nippon.

Although the player is nothing to write home about in terms of resolution it is watchable and, considering the fact that it’s coming out of Japan and I am watching it at my desk in NYC with no special effort, I’m impressed.

Live coverage of sports and news is something that TV still does a lot better than the net but this is definitely a big sign of things to come and should be giving ABC’s Wide World of Sports a big wake up call.

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quarterlife Obits for Ya

So, news all over about NBC pulling quarterlife after one episode and bumping it to Bravo.

You can read a number of takes on the demise here, here, here and here.

It seems to me that only Mashable is cutting to the chase:

“While online videocasters that aspire to mainstream stardom may take the news as a bit of a hit to their field, it seems there is a solid argument to be made that NBC simply picked a show that wasn’t very good.”

I’ve been saying for a while that quarterlife is a bad test-subject largely because it isn’t great.  You can argue whether or not it stinks (many think so) but it certainly isn’t great.  Do we really need to say more?


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Remember Joost? No?

It seems like only a few months ago that the webs were all chattering about this fantastic new service called Joost.  Check out some of the coverage from, um, back in the day, here and here.

I’ll admit, I was never sold on the whole thing since it just boiled down to an interface and that is too easy to replicate.  However, I was ready to be proven wrong.  Well, the final judgments can’t be made, but Mashable points out:

“Usually when a popular Web service goes down, we get a flood of emails about it. For example, last month, when 37Signals, Blogger, and LinkedIn all suffered outages within the span of a couple days, we got pinged almost instantly by some of our readers.

That’s why today, when I saw a report from Royal Pingdom indicating that Joost has been suffering significant downtime this month, I was a bit surprised I hadn’t heard anything about it, from anyone.”

I’m betting Mashable’s experience isn’t unique.  It’s the old, if a tree falls in the forest…

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