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Apple Takes Another Step Toward Evil

picture-51I have been an Apple/Mac user since I upgraded from my Atari 800 back in the ’80’s,  I love the interface, the design and even the vague sense of superiority over my Windows brethren.

However, every now and then (and it feels like it is more and more often) Apple does something that is really a screw you to their faithful customers.

The lastest example is their incorporation of bullshit copyright “protection” built into the latest MacBooks:

“Buying an Apple computer? Get ready to throw away your monitor, over and over again. New Apple hardware is shipping with “HDCP” anti-copying technology that prevents showing some video on “non-compliant” monitors. Best part: the list of “compliant” monitors will change over time: the monitor you buy today can be “revoked” tomorrow and stop working.” (via BoingBoing)

Sweet, eh?  The worst part of this is that it is a completely bogus protection since there is nothing in copyright law that makes it illegal for me to watch a movie I bought on a screen other than my built-in monitor.  It’s just insane.

And it’s evil.



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