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Podcasting Creates Premium Listeners

There is a pretty cool little study over on EMarketer about Podcast listeners.

Podcasts seem to have a love-em/hate-em relationship with those who write about New Media.  On the one hand they are seen as a great way to distribute content to subscribers but they are also blasted for being hard for newbies to grasp and difficult to publicize.

From an advertisers standpoint the number of listeners to a podcast might be important but there are other factors:

“The data suggest audiences are paying close attention to show content and the embedded ads within them which greatly increased ad effectiveness in the studies,” said Doug Keith, president of Future Research Consulting. “The high unaided ad recall figures are no doubt the results of a less cluttered environment.”

“The studies showed a 73% increase in likelihood to use or buy an advertised product,” said Velvet Beard, vice president at Podtrac. “The studies showed that 69% of audience members have a more favorable view of in-show advertisers.”

Those are some pretty compelling numbers.  I am still a big fan of and believer in podcasts though I wonder if the word itself is hurting its ability to grow…


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My Interview with Ben and Steve from GrooveShark

Today I had the pleasure of skyping with Ben and Steve, two of the guys behind GrooveShark, a new (still in beta) site that has some interesting ideas about p2p music sharing, sales and discovery.

In this interview we get a nice overview of the GrooveShark business, a look inside their corporate culture and then chat about pirates and labels and the future of music as we know it… kinda.

Interview with Ben and Steve from GrooveShark

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My Interview with Josh and Zane from AmieStreet


Today I had the great pleasure of chatting with Josh and Zane, two of the guys behind AmieStreet, a really cool music sales and discovery site that was recently in the news thanks to being the only place selling Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s red hot single.

In this interview we discuss the idea behind AmieStreet’s unique pricing scheme, the effect of the Dupre-bump (pun intended, sorry), Billy Bragg’s OpEd, the proposed ISP tax and so much more.

Interview with Josh and Zane from AmieStreet

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Service Journalism – History of Piracy

Once again, TorrentFreak is the place to be for all your torrent info needs.  Today they link to a BBC podcast that traces the history of piracy right up to the present:

“The BBC has published a podcast which takes a look at piracy through the ages, also covering the modern concept of ‘intellectual property’. Of course, no story of piracy would be complete without discussing The Pirate Bay so Peter Sunde also plays a significant part in this 20 minute program.”

Here is a link to the podcast which is, as TF points out is, “provided free of charge, without DRM, and in convenient MP3 format. How media should be.”


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TiVo and Podcasts

I have mentioned before that I think podcasting is a great delivery method, especially for the smaller content distributors.  It is a way for people to subscribe to and receive your content in a consistent and easy to manager manner.

Mashable is all over this podcasting trend.

First, they are reporting that TiVo, in a continued move toward integrating more completely the TV and the internet, has (sort of) incorportated podcasts into their offerings:

“Earlier today, it was announced that TiVo has more tightly added integration with their set-top box and Internet podcasts through the use of their TiVo Desktop for Windows. The program allows TiVo users to synchronize content between their box and their Windows computers and peripheral devices. As Podcasting News notes today, the process is still a bit convoluted, and likely out of reach for the average TiVo user.”

Then they have news on one of the most successful podcasting companies out there:

Wizzard Media has announced their 2007 fourth quarter and end-of-year earnings, and have broken all records for what is expected of podcasting (the industry that’s full of hippies, remember?). I mean who would have imagined that a company creating podcasts could record gross revenues of over $5 million for one year’s worth of operation?”

While there still doesn’t seem to be a massive market penetration for podcasts I think we are going to see exponential growth in this area over the next few years.

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2008 – The Year of the Podcast?

Emarketer has some new data on Podcast subscribers.  Turns out that not only are the number of subscribers growing but they cover quite a wide demographic.

“They don’t all listen to the same programs, they don’t all use iPods, and they don’t all come from the same background.

They are podcast users, and they defy clear-cut connections between usage and factors such as gender, age and income level.

US Podcast Listeners, by Age and Gender, January-February 2007 (% of respondents)

More delicious data here.  I really think Podcasts are the indie distributors best friend.

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An argument for Podcasting

I think I mentioned podcasting in an earlier post.  I believe podcasting will be key to the development and survival of webisodics.  Instead of telling you why, I draw your attention to the thoughts of AskANinja, one of the early web-video success stories (as found on Mashable)

“Note to producers, please, please, please, only use these sharing sites to gain an audience, make a little cash, and direct users to your own sites.

The real money comes from being able to prove that you have an audience that will follow you wherever you go. That means Podcasting and creating a strong URL for your property. With that audience and URL you’ll be able to partner with whomever will give you the most cash for your skills.”

Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins of Mashable goes on to say:

“Most importantly, don’t ignore podcasting your video. Sure, it can be a pain in the butt to spend the extra hour or more encoding your video into yet another format, but by podcasting your videos, you are locking in a subscriber base that will be waiting hungrily every day for your next episode. You can get lost in the jungle of listings on the embedded video site, and even if they absolutely love your work, there’s no guarantees they’ll return to see the sequel. If you encourage them to subscribe to your feed for free, you know that you’ve pushed your content out towards the most devoted of your fanbase (these are the guys most likely to buy your schwag or forward your video to other potential fans).

Not to mention that while YouTube may be showing up in more and more distribution venues these days, podcasting is already the portable data format that can be used on everything from a Zune to an iPod to an AppleTV to a TiVo to a ….”

They’ve said it all for me.  Ah, the internet.

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