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NH Woman Fights RIAA

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Someday we will look back on the actions of RIAA and the rest of the music industry and laugh, or maybe cry.  For now, however, we will have to continue hearing stories like this:

The woman, Mavis Roy of Hudson, has called on legal clinics at the state’s only law school to represent her as she fights the charges in federal court this year.

The lawsuit brought by UMG Recordings, Interscope Records, Motown Record Co., and BMG Music alleges that Roy violated copyright infringement laws by downloading and distributing 218 audio files on April 24, 2007.

Roy’s defense team questions how that could be when she did not have a computer in her house at the time in question.

Why RIAA is allowed to behave in this manner is confounding.  Nearly every suit they bring reeks of intimidation and weak evidence.  Not only that, but going after grown women for allegedly downloads a few songs from a pirated source is simply not going to help save an industry that is built on a collection of obsolete business models.


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Eisner Suxxor at the Web – Foreign Bodies = EPIC FAIL

So, the word is not good for Michael Eisner run Vuguru and their latest entry into the high end of webisodic entertainment, FOREIGN BODIES:

“The first 9 episodes of the show, which started airing May 27, have drawn fewer than 10,000 views. YouTube has recently given the series a push, showcasing it as a “featured” video, but it’s still not burning up the charts: On Sunday, it racked up 43,000 views, but then fell back to 20,000 on Monday. To date, the show has genereated about 140,000 views, according to TubeMogul.” (via SAI)

Ouch.  I have done better with videos shot on a whim.

Why has FOREIGN BODIES failed so miserably?  Well, for starters, there was virtually no wide-reaching publicity.  Over the past week I was able to find only 2 or 3 people who had even heard of the show and nobody I know has watched it.

I watched two episodes and I’ve got to say it was less than engaging.  Sure, there was a hot girl and I think I saw a boob, but really, on the internet that’s not much of an offer. The story was sort of muddy as was the general tone.

But I still think it wouldn’t have been quite this much of a flop if it had some kind of marketing behind it.  NBC would never launch a brand new series without a major PR push.  And even then networks still fail all the time.

Why Eisner thought he could somehow beat the system and just start putting out average looking TV on the web with no marketing and think it would be a hit is beyond me.

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Bebo and Universal UK Team for Real Fiction Web Series

As brands and broadcasters continue to find ways to transmit both entertainment and an overwhelming desire to consume material goods and services to the viewing public, there is an ever-increasing presence of brand-intergration into original entertainment.

Not surprisingly, the web, where traditional advertising has never worked, is a laboratory for this sort of content.  Next up to the testing grounds is courtesy of jolly ol’ England…

“In a first between social network and music company, “The Secret World of Sam King” revolves around a junior ’facilities’ employee at Universal Music who secretly founds his own start-up label in the post room. Producers will draw on real-life experiences along with cameo appearances from Universal artists to bring additional authenticity to the setting and story.”

What’s worth noting is the complete transparency of the integration between brand and story.  Nobody is being tricked or deceived about where at least some of the money is coming from.  Whether or not the actual show will be entertaining is a whole different kettle of fish.

Did I just say “kettle of fish?”

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