MTV needs a reality check

A post over at NewTeeVee discusses MTV likely embracing of the NBC-sponsored (I believe) web-video portal Hulu and their dislike of YouTube.  Not much to the whole piece, except for this total gem:

““YouTube without us — what is there?” added Courtney Holt, executive vice president of digital music and media for MTV Networks’ Music & Logo Group. “Even without Viacom it’s still driven by professional content, it’s not cats chasing string.” That comment might not be popular with the YouTube crowd, who’d have things like Smosh’s 100-million-plus total views to prove their point. ”

Honestly, Viacom could remove every single video that even had a whiff of copyright violation and it wouldn’t even make dent in YouTube’s viewership.  It is a classic example of a large media executive complete misunderstanding this brave new world.

If I were in charge at MTV I’d serious consider finding a replacement for Ms. Holt. Pronto.


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